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 Undefeated Teens is a personal and professional development program devoted to guiding teens to their self-determined destinies & spotlighting odd-defying teens.

Undefeated Teens is a personal and professional development program for high school students that focuses on personal brand development, college and career readiness and civic engagement. The Undefeated Teen Podcast, hosted by Jasmine Gurley, spotlights teens from varying backgrounds who are breaking the teenage stereotypes by excelling in entrepreneurial endeavors, overcoming tremendous obstacles to claim their own successes and/or making a difference in their communities. It is also an opportunity for teens to submit questions and request advice from the host and the Undefeated Teen guest of the episode. The show always closes with a motivational word of encouragement from Jas to the show's listeners, empowering them to seize the day, develop and follow their dreams, and remain resilient. Ultimately, be an Undefeated Teen.